Angelo Luzio 301C Leather Character Shoe for Children

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Ruby 301C Leather Character Shoe by Angelo Luzio

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This character dance shoe by Angelo Luzio/Bodywrappers is made with a leather upper, top quality brushed leather sole, ready to dance cotton liner, and an international standard (1½” -3.81 cm) tap-ready heel. The solid crown heel sole with thick leather is ready for tap screws to be installed if the dancer wishes to turn this character shoe into a tap shoe. Taps sold separately.

The natural U-shape vamp allows for a deep, painless plié, and a drop-hook buckle means quick changes are not a problem. Beautiful on stage and in class, this classic style is a must-have.

Available colours:

  • jazzy tan

Available sizes:

  • 12.5-3.5, medium width (not all sizes available)
  • while supplies last
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