Motionwear 3030 Halter Bra Top

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Motionwear 3030 Bra Top

This bra top features a wide V-Neck halter at the neck and a 3 strap back design. Flattering lines and fit ensure the dancer has the freedom to move, especially the shoulders, but the top stays in place. Great for jazz, tap, lyrical or contemporary classes.

Available colours:

  • black
  • ultraviolet purple

Available sizes:

  • SC (4-6)
  • IC (6X-7)
  • MC (8-10)
  • LC (12-14)


Motionwear Silkskyn is a  Motionwear exclusive. Silkskyn was developed to meet the demands of the dancer, performer and athlete. The softness of its microfiber construction, combined with moisture wicking, maintains a balanced comfort level during high intensity activity. The weave and yarn technology in Silkskyn make it very soft and supple. Silkskyn is extremely durable, has excellent stretch and recovery properties, is machine washable and dries three times faster than cotton.

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