Prospect Street Jewelry Stackin' Stones Bracelets

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Stackin' Stones Crystal Bead Bracelets

Stackin’ Stones bracelets are high quality crystal bracelets available in almost every colour crystal! Wear them individually or wear many crystal bracelets together for a more unique look. These crystal bead bracelets are one size fits most, and are on a stretchy elastic bracelet band. Great affordable gift idea for birthdays, holidays or any days! Match your dance studio colours for a team look.

Available in a huge selection of colours!

AM30 AM30 AM31 AM31 AM36 AM36 AM60 AM60 AM62 AM62 AM63 AM63
AM73 AM73 AM76 AM76 B6 B6 B10 B10 B16 B16 B18 B18
B26 B26 B27 B27 B28 B28 B67 B67  B70 B70  B156 B156 
B672 B672  BK34 BK34  G2 G2  G4 G4  G11 G11  G12 G12 
G17 G17  G27 G27  G28 G28  G34 G34  G97 G97  G248 G248 
P7 P7  P40 P40  P42 P42  P48 P48  P88 P88  P152 P152 
PI20 PI20  PI36 PI36  R15 R15  R17 R17  R71 R71  S39 S39 
S51 S51  S53 S53  S71 S71  S72 S72  S75 S75  Y12 Y12 


One size fits most!

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