Bloch ESO160L Balance European Pointe Shoe

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Balance European Pointe Shoe ESO160L by Bloch

This is a great pointe shoe, easy fitting a lot of feet, an often a good first choice for a dancer's first pair of pointe shoes. It's shape, box and platform make it a little easier to get up on pointe, especially during the first year. Although no pointe shoe fits everyone, Balance European is good place to start.

This pointe shoe features a slightly tapered platform and wide box. Both are features that make it a little easier to get "up on pointe" when first learning. The wide box and low profile makes it comfortable for most foot shapes. A U-shape vamp is the chosen look of this particular style.

Book your fitting appointment today! Appointments must be booked during business hours and your appointment will be confirmed by email. Please do not come for an appointment until you have a confirmation email.

We do not sell pointe shoes online due to their required fitting appointment. Pointe shoes that do not fit properly can be dangerous for the dancer and can even cause injury. For this reason, we require a pointe shoe fitting appointment to be booked. You will need to allow about an hour for a proper fitting. Currently, we offer pointe shoe fittings at our Oakville location.

Call 905-844-4415 or email us at [email protected] to book an appointment today.

*pointe shoe fittings are not permitted during COVID-19 lockdown in Ontario. When we are allowed to open up for in-store shopping, pointe shoe fittings will resume.

Available Sizes

  • 2-9.5 (these do NOT fit like a street shoe!)

Available Widths

  • X, XX, XXX, XXXX

Available Colours

  • pink

**strong shank also available ESO160LS

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