Already own a Dream Duffel? Why not personalize it with a new patch! You can put your name, nickname, studio, or whatever on a new patch or two!

Size: Approx. 8″ x 9.5″

The price listed is for ONE patch. If you’d like two of the same patch, change the quantity to 2. If you’d like two different patches, you can place one into your cart, click Continue Shopping, and then create a second one.

Patch with Personalization Features:

  • Personalization restricted to approx. 5″ x 6″ central area
  • Adhered with velcro for easy attachment and removal
  • BLANK black patches come with each Dream Duffel. Regular Black Dream Duffels come with TWO blank patches (Located on the top flap of the Dream Duffel and on the back Folding Stool Pocket).

Add your text to the text box, then select your font and colour from the drop down menus

NOTE: This patch is for Black and Limited Edition Dream Duffels.

This personalization is done using Heat Transfer Vinyl.

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