Mondor 261 Junior 10inch Legwarmers

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Junior 10 inch Legwarmers by Mondor

This dance accessory is a must and actually has a purpose beyond its soft and cuddly looks! It is a great idea for dancers of all ages and in all disciplines like ballet, tap and jazz, to wear legwarmers, especially at the start of dance class. This keeps the ankles and calf muscles warm to prevent injury that can happen when muscles are cold. Here in Canada, this can be especially true in the winter months. Made from acrylic and nylon, these are soft and warm. They come in this great smaller size that is perfect for young dancers. Available in several colours but always black and ballet pink. Some colours are only available while supplies last.

Fabric Content:

  • 82% acrylic, 18% nylon

Available colours:

  • black 52
  • pink E6
  • purple PP
  • lilac
  • cherry pink 77

Available sizes:

  • 10 inch length
  • one size fits most


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