It's our 14th anniversary this April. Instep Activewear, the dancewear store with so much more!

How it all began... 

Fourteen years ago, Julia and Allison, who are sister-in-laws, discussed opening a dancewear store in Milton. The community was growing and they could see the need for a great, mom-friendly, knowledgable dance store in town. Did you know that both Julia and Allison were competitive dancers and dance teachers? They wanted to create a business where they could contribute their years of experience and knowledge to others! Their combined experience comes from actually wearing, using, and dancing in dance shoes, tights and dancewear since they were children!

Both Julia and Allison have taken ballet and pointe, jazz and tap (just to name a few). Both have competed at dance competitions throughout Canada and the US. And both became accredited dance teachers later in their careers. In fact, Julia is still an active competitive dance teacher and judge!

What does this bring to Instep Activewear? Real knowledge and advice! They have created family-friendly stores that bring selection, inventory and a pleasant shopping experience to the dancewear world. Dancewear stores are traditionally small, crammed with inventory, visually unappealing, and often difficult to walk around in! Instep stores were created with space (for strollers) and a younger sibling play area to keep little brothers and sisters entertained. They are well-stocked with inventory, full of lots of fashion bodysuits and dancewear, accessories, shoes and bags to make the shopping experience fun and interesting! Truly the dancewear store with so much more!

These were the goals from the beginning and the Instep girls still strive to meet those goals every day.

Instep Activewear began in Milton on April 23rd, 2003 in the La Rose Bakery plaza on Bronte St, Milton! From there, they expanded into Oakville and Burlington with two additional locations over the past 14 years. Most recently, Instep has added an online store as another way to serve their customers, both local and nation-wide.

Instep works hard to find and train its employees to display the same passion and knowledge that Julia and Allison originally brought to the first Milton location. Helpful staff with knowledgeable advice on fit and product recommendations are still our main goals. The dancewear world is one of artistry and passion, and things don't always go according to plan. Inventory can be on backorder, dance shoes can break, dance tights do rip, and children continue to grow! Instep works to be problem-solvers for our affiliated studios, their directors and teachers, and most importantly, our customers. We can always do better and we will always strive to satisfy our clientele. Let us know how we can improve to do better!

Dancewear and dance shoes are really extensions of a dancer's body. They need to fit, and move, and stretch like the dancer. These products really are very different from regular clothing and street shoes! Dancewear and dance shoes should be viewed as sports equipment, just like hockey skates or soccer shoes. When they fit correctly, it can significantly improve the athlete's performance. When they fit incorrectly, they can cause damage, injury and hinder performance.

Education is key and this is a constant goal of Instep Activewear. Educate the customer as to proper fit, wear and tear, and the quality of materials. These factors can be easily overlooked when price is the number one priority. Dance is not the most expensive activity out there but it's up there! We recognize that! There will always be a balancing act of quality and value vs. price. Our job is to educate the dance community and provide quality products to the dance market.

Thank you to our many customers over the year for the past 14 years! We look forward to many more!

Julia and Allison