Shopping in store during COVID-19 updated August 2020

We've updated our policy on trying on dancewear and dance shoes in our stores during COVID-19. We have policies in place to keep everyone as safe as possible but please use common sense when trying on merchandise.

Updated Policy on Changerooms and Shoe Fittings

We currently have one changeroom available in each store location, with a physical door (as per Ontario Health and Safety Guidelines), that can be used to try on dancewear while shopping in the store. The changeroom is cleaned and sanitized after each use and extra time may be required between customers to ensure this cleaning protocol is followed. Please be patient while we keep your shopping experience as safe as possible!

Although we are doing everything possible to maintain safety and cleanliness in our stores, the dancewear you are trying on may have been tried on by someone else previously. Since everyone is required to wear masks while in store, the risk to your health is low. It is no longer possible to isolate every piece of dancewear or dance shoe that is tried on in store.

When items are purchased and returned (according to our Return Policy), we will continue to isolate those items for at least 24 hours before returning them to the rack or shoe shelf. We cannot control the environment in customers' homes so we will take extra precaution here.

We have purchased some Lysol aerosol (finally) which can be used on fabrics (and on shoes) to clean and sanitize those items. We hope that this will give everyone peace of mind.

We require everyone to wear a mask in our stores and we require that you keep that mask on while in the changeroom to protect yourself and others. We also recommend washing your dancewear at home, once purchased, before wearing it to dance class. PLEASE NOTE: WASHED MERCHANDISE WITH TAGS REMOVED CANNOT BE RETURNED IN STORE-NO EXCEPTIONS

Shoes can even be isolated in a cardboard box (if possible) for a period of 48 hours to ensure any possible virus is dried up and no longer viable. This is the best guideline we have found on how long the virus can live on fabrics, etc.

Please understand that we are following all health and safety guidelines to the best of our ability. We want to ensure a safe and healthy return to dance and we care deeply about the health and safety of our employees and our customers. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our policies, please contact Allison Leone, via phone 905-876-0320, via email [email protected]