Updated Retail Store Hours April 6th 2020

Updated Retail Store Hours April 6th 2020

In accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the local, provincial and federal Canadian governments, Instep Activewear will be forced to keep their retail stores closed until at least April 20th, 2020. Our online store is open 24/7 and is offering FREE shipping on all online orders! Our beloved world of dance is important and sorely missed at the moment, however we are a non-essential business during these unprecedented times. Please stay home and stay safe and KEEP PRACTICING!

Updated Retail Store Hours
April 6, 2020

The month of April in 2020 will certainly look different than it ever has before. During these unprecedented and challenging times, we are all being asked to do things we have never done! These changes are difficult and affect all of our lives; however our lives, and the lives of so many others, are counting on us! We have to do what is right and we have to do it now. Please continue to stay home and find creative ways to keep dancing, stretching, turning, and jumping at home. If we can help in some small way, we would love to inspire your at-home practicing!

The dance studios and dance competition venues are quiet right now. There are no dance teachers, judges or dancers to fill them with music, dancing and energy right now. Let's keep the spirit of dance alive and all of you who love to perform will find other ways to perform, from a distance!

Dancers, please keep your homes full of laughter and music! Play music, practice your routines, your hair, your stage makeup. Teach your parents and siblings to dance. Stretch with your cat. Perform your routines for your grandparents using Facetime! Participate in virtual dance classes. Why not pick up another skill like acting, singing or playing an instrument so that you can become a triple threat?

We miss you all desperately, and wish we could hear about the tales of competition mis-haps and forgotten eyelashes and earrings in person! We love to hear a dance mom's pride when her little dancer performs a solo for the first time. We thrive on helping a new competitive dance mom learn how to do stage hair and stage makeup for the first time! These are the stories that usually fill our stores with laughter and joy during these spring months. Right now our stores are quiet, dare we say silent.

Like all of you, we are hoping for a safe and swift end to this pandemic, so that we can get back to the things we love. For now, we must embrace this new normal but for those of us in retail, this new normal is scary. We are prepared to come back stronger than ever but we need your help!

Throughout this closure we have maintained our online store, where you can shop 24/7 AND we will continue to offer FREE shipping during this retail store closure period. Please consider us when you are looking to keep your young dancers active and busy at home! Perhaps a turning board to practice core balance and strength at home, on any floor surface. Why not a new bodysuit to brighten your dancer's day? How about a new pair of warm up booties to protect your dancer's ankles and their ballet shoes? Perhaps a new pair of eyelashes to practice with at home? Some dancers might even enjoy trying a new dance discipline and start taking an online tap class!

We know these are not essential items during this time but they can help to keep your dancer positive and inspired! We think that is still very important, even crucial during this pandemic. We can all stay strong and survive these uncertain times together but it will take all of us to help each other. Things will eventually return to normal, busy schedules. We are asking you to consider shopping local, shopping online, to help us be ready to open when they do. Even a small purchase will brighten your dancer's day and sincerely help us to navigate these uncharted waters.

We thank you for your support and business in the past. We sincerely thank you for your support and business right now. We hope you and your families are healthy and happy and that all of your loved ones are safe right now. 


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